Friday, 1 February 2019

February Birthstone: Amethyst

 February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is a variety of purple quartz which ranges in colour from a regal deep purple to a pale lilac hue. Ancient Greeks adorned goblets with the stone believing that it would protect from drunkenness and enabled them to keep a balanced mind.

 White Gold Amethyst Pear Stud Earrings Sterling Silver Amethyst Pendant White Gold Amethyst Drop Earrings

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Valentines Day Gift Inspiration

Valentines Day 2019 Jewellery

Valentines Day 2019 - Thursday 14th February

Our Valentine's Day Jewellery gift inspiration features an exclusive range of handpicked romantic heart shapes and glistening diamond set designs. Specially selected pieces guaranteed to make a perfect gift for the one you love.
Silver Heart Halo Pendant & Earrings Set
Silver Heart Halo Pendant & Earrings - Save £10.00 when you buy as a set

Heart shaped jewellery is a perfect gift for someone you love, our heart shaped halo pendant and earrings set is available with £10.00 off price when purchased individually. This delicate set makes a perfect romantic gift.
9ct White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamonds, white gold plus romantic heart shapes equal the perfect combination. Indulge in a diamond gift she will treasure for years to come. Glistening diamonds give this 9ct white gold heart pendant a sentimental glow.
Illusion Set Diamond Heart Earrings

These stunning diamond heart stud earrings feature our illusion setting which greatly enhances the look and sparkle of these 9ct white gold earrings. Crafted in a romantic heart shape with a diamond center, these pretty earrings are certain to steal her heart.

Valentine's Gifts For Him

Men's Silver Onyx CufflinksMen's Solid Silver Curb BraceletMen's Solid Silver Curb Chain

For the man in your life, why not treat him to an extra special piece of jewellery he can wear as a daily reminder of you love. Shop now in our men's jewellery range featuring our most popular style classics for him. Shop Men's Jewellery

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet Jewellery

This months birthstone is Garnet, a rich deep red gemstone which can also be found in other beautiful colours.

The stone is said to be a symbol of good health, peace and prosperity and  - all the things we toast when seeing in the new year.

Garnet Heart Drop Earrings

Legend has it that garnet can bring protection to the wearer and it's also said to represent deep and everlasting friendship, making it an ideal gift for someone special.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

November's Birthstone - Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the Birthstone for November. This sophisticated light blue gemstone is believed to represent loyalty, strength and friendship.

Blue Topaz Earrings make an ideal gift for someone with a November birthday. Classic, simple and perfect for adding a splash of colour and sparkle to your look by day or night.

Blue Topaz and sterling silver compliment each other perfectly. This stunning silver and blue topaz bracelet features 24 luxury oval-cut blue topaz gems that will add a gorgeous ribbon of sparkle to your wrist.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

TALISMAN Jewellery Collection

Our TALISMAN jewellery collection showcases a modern take on ancient symbols and amulets, for style you can wear every day and make it your own.

The Hamsa hand pendant is an ancient symbol of protection. Wear yours in 9ct gold with a blue turquoise stone at it's center. Casual jewellery with special meaning you can wear every day for any occasion for an instant style boost. Complete with classic 9ct gold curb chain.

9ct Gold Turquoise Hamsa Hand Pendant


The triangle is connected to the number three which can represent true wisdom. It is often connected to the idea of a trinity. Triangles are the strongest shape! Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed between all three sides. A triangle in any fashion can always represent strength.

Silver Cubic Zirconia Triangle Necklace

"Mighty oaks from little acorn grow" Our sterling silver and rose gold acorn necklace symbolises strength

Silver & Rose Gold Acorn Necklace

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Love Island Jewellery Trends 2018

Love Island may be over but you can still get the melting hot love island jewellery trends from 2018 to update your summer look.

Dani's 9ct gold circle pendant was spotted on a few occasions and seemed to be her staple 'go to' piece with the letter 'D' engraved, get yours just like it here:

Love Island Dani's Gold Round Pendant

Also spotted and making a regular appearance in the villa were large hoop earrings, we love this accessory as it works with every look and add's instant style points to any outfit:

Love Island Large Hoop EarringsLove Island Large Hoop Earrings

Seen at the Love Island photo shoot, stunning lariat drop necklaces, ideal for wearing with a bikini if you want to show of your jewellery at the beach or just as glam for evening wear to ensure your looks are perfectly on trend:

Love Island Drop Necklace

For both evening looks and daytime sparkle we spotted classic round stud earrings on Love Island which you can dress up or down, day or night. Small sizes are just perfect if you love adding subtle sparkle to your look or go big for added bling.

 Love Island Stud Earrings

Love Island men's jewellery gets plenty of action too! The boys were seen wearing dog tags, coins and leather chains for an ultra stylish beach look:

Love Island Men's Jewellery

Love Island Men's Jewellery

Love Island Men's Jewellery

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Aquamarine Jewellery

Our new Aquamarine jewellery collection is the focus this week as we approach March. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March making it an ideal gift for anyone born in that month. 
White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings
White gold aquamarine & diamond droplet earrings

The bale blue/green gem takes it's name from the Latin: aqua marina, meaning water of the sea. This pretty gemstone looks stunning in a white gold setting with the addition of diamonds to enhance it's colour and sparkle.

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Aquamarine jewellery

White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Ring
White gold aquamarine & diamond oval cluster ring

White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine
White gold pear shaped aquamarine & diamond pendant

White Gold Oval Shaped Aquamarine Earrings
White gold oval shaped aquamarine & diamond earrings